-What is “Our New Hope” Idea?-

For almost 15 years now, I have been struggling to keep our “Jim’s Projects” dream alive of helping the kids in Asian orphanages. Hi everyone. My name is Jim Whitcomb, and I live in Williamsville, New York.

Your first question may be, “What is ‘Jim’s Projects?’”, and why should I care about it? 

That is a very good question, and I hope you will start by going to read the full description of our little organization at www.jimsprojects.webs.com. I must admit that I have considered giving up on this “dream” many times over the past 10 years, but something inside of me always seems to keep me going. There is simply too much good just waiting to happen to ever walk away from helping the kids as we desire to do. I have spent only my own money on this so far, with a few donations of $5 or $10 dollars now and then from some very kind and generous souls. And they have been absolutely essential to keeping me going with all of this, emotionally as much as anything else, since all of it began. Without them, there is a good chance I truly would have “thrown in the towel” long ago. 

Every dollar has been so important, and every bit of encouragement has been just as meaningful as the money. “Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily in this world”, that is for certain. But financially speaking, that has been all the money we have had to work with. Admittedly it has been tiny, but we never let go of the “dream” of doing much, much more in the future. Since we began in 2004, our accomplishments have really only been a few toys here, a few rural village girls getting the chance to go to high school there, and buying tiny amounts of farm land to grow vegetables somewhere else. These “mini-projects”, of course, has been extremely important to those that we have helped. But unfortunately our financial abilities have been close to zero all of this time. 

That, however, is where you may be able to help. And, no, it does not need to include you donating a single penny.


What “Jim’s Projects” desperately needs right now… 

                               is a SPONSOR! 

Please keep reading to see what I mean...

-We need someone who will truly believe in us, trust us, and be willing to sponsor our first couple of substantial and meaningful “Projects” in several locations in Asia. 

If we could do just that much, it would make all the difference in the world. If we simply had the financial ability for the required travel to reach the orphanages, so we could get to know the orphanage directors, orphanage workers, and the kids in the various locations, it could start a “snowball rolling” that would only grow in the months and years to come. We would then FULLY DOCUMENT the start-up, the progress, and the completion of these first 2 or 3 major “Projects” with an abundance of photos and videos of what we were doing every step of the way. This would then show how “real”, efficient, and responsible we were with the money. After all of this struggle over the past 10 years, I can assure everyone reading this that every penny would be spent only on the most essential and cost-effective necessities to making this happen. After all we have been through to keep this “dream” alive so far, I doubt that it could ever be any other way. It is a way-of-life now. But in reality, I consider that time of intense struggle to be a “blessing” to now see life in this way. These first 2 or 3 “sponsored projects” would then supply us with that all-important “track-record” necessary to do some serious fund-raising for much bigger things in the future!

Until we have that “track-record” of completed, documented projects, no one will donate in a way significant enough to make this possible. That is just how life works. So what we desperately need is that initial Sponsor/Angel to care enough about what we want to accomplish to make this happen. Just one truly caring, kind-hearted, benevolent person could make it all into an on-going and growing reality. 

Within a year, I truly believe “Jim’s Projects” would have enough positive accomplishments to show to the world, to keep us going as a “self- supporting entityfor many years to come after that. 

With each new completed project that can be visually shown to the world, it becomes easier and easier for people to trust in pushing that donation button. It is that first, initial “Leap of Faith” that someone has to make, that is the hardest to accomplish.

So that is what I am asking you to think about as you read these words today. Can you think of a person, or group, who may be willing to be that initial “sponsor” for us? If you can think of someone, it could literally change everything after 10 long years of struggle, self-doubt, and coming so close to giving up on so many occasions. It could truly be that “breakthrough” that we have long searched for. If you think of such a person or group, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know. 

It is that ONE BENEVOLENT “SPONSOR” to get us through those first 2 or 3 significant “Jim’s Projects” that could help create an organization that goes on to help hundreds or even thousands of children for decades to come. 

Your positive thoughts and prayers are always greatly appreciated as well. I see great power in prayer and positive intentions that are sent to others. That is the way I have seen life for many years now. And I assure you, all of it, every particle, is very deeply appreciated. Thanks for reading this today, and all my best to you. Take care everyone…

Jim Whitcomb

Founder and Director of “Jim’s Projects”


e-mail: [email protected]

street address: 71 Rinewalt Street, Williamsville, NY 14221- USA